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Fox Robotics is dedicated to understanding the challenges and operations of soft fruit farms.

Fox Robotics has developed a logistics Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) specialised for agriculture, with a primary focus on soft fruit. Hugo RT TM (Rough Terrain) robot has been designed to safely assist human pickers in the field. Supporting farmers and managers all-year-round in season and out of season operations. Hugo RT TM is a durable, efficient, and sustainable robot, that transports picked produce anywhere on the farm. 

Hugo RT TM  can be used in fields and polytunnels in all weather conditions. The robot utilises AI to find the most efficient way to transport the produce.

Our complete solution maximises picker productivity.


How it works

Hugo RT TM is ready to serve pickers and farmers in their day-to-day tasks by improving overall productivity and efficiency. Hugo’s primary focus is to automate transportation on farms by autonomously delivering empty trays to pickers, weighing, and collecting the picked produce from them and transporting it to the designated collection point. Hugo RT TM is able to identify the exact locations of pickers and collection points by using our HOLA hubs.


Fox Robotics has created a web application to keep track of the produce collected. Hugo RT TM will work alongside the web application for a seamless and efficient transition from paper to automatic data collection. In addition, the web application gives farmers real-time insight into what is happening on the farm in terms of labour productivity and robot status. This application can be integrated with existing systems through API’s.

data capture

Hugo RT TM  has also been designed to collect data in real-time from each picker, row, and field. As the picker loads the produce, the weight is recorded and shared with the cloud. This data is captured every time for each individual picker.

Easy set up

Fox Robotics’ technology (Hugo RT TM , web application and HOLA Hubs) have been engineered for easy set up and implementation. No changes are required to the farm infrastructure.



Founder & Advisor 

Founder, Computer scientist, Cybersecurity advocate, and robot enthusiast. More than 20 years of experience in Software development, Cybersecurity, automation, and robotics. Henry has led multiple international organisations across a variety of industries: Pharmaceuticals, R&D identity management, Telecommunications, consultancy, and robotics.

GARy livingstone

Co-Founder & CEO

An experienced business leader with more than 30 years of working in high-tech automation development and manufacturing industries, with over 20 years of successful entrepreneurial acumen of growing companies and increasing shareholder value.

Christian Gordon-pullar

Executive Chairman

Experienced General Counsel, Board Advisor and Intellectual Property (IP) specialist and intellectual asset manager with more than 25 years’ experience, recognised as one of the top 300 global IP specialists by IAM.


FCMA Financial Director

Rob has over 30 years of experience as a FD and senior finance roles. He has a track record in growing businesses, reducing risks and delivering successful exists. Rob also has C level experience in Agriculture.

Dominic Keen

Board of Directors 

Dominic is a Fox Robotics mentor, founder of Britbots (robotics investment fund), successful entrepreneur, robotics, software, and business strategist.

PAUL soanes

Board of Directors 

Paul co-founded Worth Capital in 2015. Worth is a VC backing early stage UK businesses within the SEIS & EIS tax advantaged investing space.


Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Madhuri is a highly passionate software engineer captivated to work in artificial Intelligence and Robotics. She has a strong background in AI and machine learning alongside her prowess in electronics and robotics engineering. She has worked on projects such as Scientific Research Paper Summarisation using NLP, Robotic path planning using ROS and image classification and super resolution tasks with Computer vision and deep learning.

Belal Ibrahim

Robotics Software Engineer

Belal is a Mechatronics engineer interested in robotics and Automation. Hands on state-of-the-art computer vision projects. Well_versed in numerous programming languages including C++, Python, MATLAB &C. well established dealing with Linux and ROS (Robot operating system).


Robotics Software Engineer

Ahmed is a committed professional with a strong foundation in Robotics from the University of Leeds and UCL. His experience in the autonomous systems industry includes work on developing state estimation algorithms, motion planning, and enhancing sensor calibration for autonomous vehicles. With a blend of technical expertise and a practical mindset, Ahmed focuses on bridging theoretical knowledge with real-world applications, driven by his passion for advancing the field of autonomous navigation and intelligent systems.


Project Manager

Katie is an accomplished Project Delivery professional, with a proven track record in successfully managing projects while driving transformative change within dynamic business landscapes. With an extensive background in Project Management, Katie excels in steering projects to successful outcomes, adeptly balancing complex stakeholder relationships, and ensuring projects are delivered within budget and time constraints. 

sandra bernal


Sandra has experience in CAD design for Architecture and Engineering. Sandra has worked in Ericsson and Architecture companies across South America. Sandra also worked at a small start up that provided primary school children with robotics education.

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