our past interns

Being an intern at Fox Robotics has genuinely been an enlightening experience. I have enhanced my skill-set in the last ten months of working here as a Back-End Developer.While working in a startup, one can expect a lot of responsibilities and tasks, which might seem daunting during the initial months, but are crucial for personal growth and an immersive learning experience.

I had the opportunity to be exposed to an array of exciting technologies and acquired skills in Web Development and Robotics Software.

This internship was my first job, having just finished my bachelor in Computer Engineering. My colleagues helped me gain new skills, and I am immensely grateful for their support.

Karen Pereira

Software Developer
12 Month Internship 


The short time I spent at Fox Robotics allowed me to work closely on the core concepts of autonomous robots ranging from motion planning to image segmentation. Being a small start-up, I learnt not just software but also the mechanical and the electronics part of the development. 

Everyone at Fox Robotics come from different backgrounds, which helped me to grow and understand the all-round process.

Fox Robotics is a company of passionate people committed to their product and service. It is a friendly and helping environment. The CEO, is a very hard-working person and passionate about the work he is doing.

Ashish Mokalkar

Robotics Software Developer
3 Month Internship

Not knowing what to expect. Working at a start-up company was a remarkable experience to say the least. 

There are always going to be some unavoidable challenges, while working at a start-up. The people and the work at Fox Robotics, definitely made it worth it. This experience has allowed me to properly understand what it’s like to work in a professional environment.

I have been able to gain some perspective on what areas of software development, I want to focus on. Everyone at Fox Robotics was so welcoming and friendly. I got to work on some interesting and unique projects, and I really enjoyed all of it.

James Stedman

Web and AI Developer
15 month internship

I moved from France to have this opportunity.

The experience I had working at a start-up, like Fox Robotics was very rewarding as I was able to have experiences and various responsibilities, as there was many things to work on, which meant the work was always interesting and never dull. 

Everyone at Fox Robotics, was very welcoming and professional. I really enjoyed my time there. The CEO, is very passionate and probably the most hard-working I have ever met. I have learnt many things from my mentors, CEO and Ben (Operations Director). They introduced me into the professional and business world. I now feel more experienced and ready to start my career.

Thibault Villeneuve

Business Analyst
6 month Internship

My internship at Fox Robotics was 12 months long. My role in the company was as a Junior Software robotics developer. Fox Robotics had a few members when I joined. It was interesting to have a large number of responsibilities and switch between different tasks. This made me feel like a valuable member. 

Working at Fox Robotics, taught me how flexible one needs to be in a small start-up company. I learned about skills involving web development, cybersecurity, mechanical design and robotic software, which will allow me to go on to develop robots in the future.

Everyone at Fox Robotics was friendly and welcoming. Everyone was committed and cooperative with a wide range of mindsets. It was great to see the company grow over the time I was there.

Samuel Carter

Junior Software Robotics Developer
12 month internship