about us

Fox Robotics Limited was founded in 2017 in the home of Henry Acevedo, who had the idea of increasing efficiency in warehouses and 3 PLs using an autonomous robot. Henry spent time researching and developing a prototype that would increase warehouse efficiency. The robot would use AI to find the best route when delivering the items and could follow behind workers as a self-driving cart. In addition, the robot would use highly advanced safety features and worker recognition. Implementing this technology allowed workers to focus solely on managing more complex tasks.

Surrey Heath Borough Council supported Fox Robotics by providing them with a retail unit in the shopping centre to relocate the company out of Henry’s home. This expansion encouraged further growth and opportunities.

Fox Robotics took part in several demos, which gave way to improvements and many more ideas. Henry saw the opportunity to modify the existing technology and apply it to one of the largest industries in the world, Agriculture and Horticulture.

This industry is an exceptional opportunity for growth. Therefore, the focus of Fox Robotics changed entirely to this industry, which has many challenges.

The design of Hugo RT TM is for outdoor, polytunnel use and in all types of weather to improve productivity and efficiency.

Hugo RT TM supports pickers by transporting empty trays to them, collecting picked produce from pickers, and delivering it to any collection point (moving or stationary) whilst simultaneously collecting valuable data.

Fox Robotics has relocated to Farnham, Surrey, to focus on further growth. The ability to recreate a polytunnel with growing fruit and carry out tests in our field has been critical for our progress.

Lutton Farms has taken part in Fox Robotics’ first commercial pilot, providing Fox Robotics with extensive real-life data and support to train Hugo RT TM. In addition, Fox Robotics has worked with other farms across the UK, including one of the UK’s most prominent strawberry growers.