April 2022

FSE has recently invested into Fox Robotics-

Paul Lyristis, Senior Fund Manager, at The FSE Group, which manages the Enterprise M3 Growth Fund on behalf of the LEP adds: “We were extremely impressed by Fox Robotics knowledge and passion. Not just in terms of technology but also their resolve to work closely with existing data and procedures, integrating their robots into systems rather than overhauling current processes. There is no other company taking on the challenge of helping fruit farmers utilise robots out in the field in this way. Exciting times lay ahead for the team and the future of Agri-Tech thanks to Fox Robotics.”

Kathy Slack, Director, Enterprise M3 LEP, comments: “It’s great to see a company like Fox Robotics benefit from the EM3 Growth Fund. High-tech innovation contributes enormously to both regional and national economic growth and this is another example of how R&D continues to thrive in the EM3 area. We’ve all seen the challenges faced by the growing industry in recent times, especially around the availability of labour. This project is a perfect example of how robots can support this key sector. I’m delighted that EM3 has been able to help enable innovation activities which will benefit the sector and increase the job opportunities for local people.”

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Recent winner: Agritech- eis INVESTMENT 

May 2021

Fox Robotics is developing an autonomous logistics and data collection robot for farmers. The hardware and software solution improves fruit and vegetable yields dramatically, reduces waste caused by labour shortages and pays back the farm’s investment quickly. In addition, the robot is run with rechargeable batteries, helping farmers reach their carbon-neutral goals.

One of the UK’s largest blueberry farms is currently taking part in our paid pilot programme. Paul said: “We like the agritech space but had struggled to find anything we liked enough to consider for investment. Finally, we found Fox Robotics, leading this round to provide funds to further develop the autonomous technology during the course of real-world trials this year. Fox Robotics is very clever tech solving a major and expanding problem on fruit farms, and we’re delighted to be on board.”

Small Business’ interview with Henry Acevedo, Founder and CEO of Fox Robotics, highlighted the problem that many UK and global farms are facing and the idea behind HUGO RT.

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Moving to a new office

May 2021


Recently Fox Robotics has been given the financial confidence to move into a new premises, where it will allow them to grow and expand. 

This new office space, is monumental step for Fox Robotics, as it not only gives our customers and partners confidence in our abilities but also in our determination to be the chosen company for robotics outdoor logistics. 

Fox Robotics chosen new location, is ideal in many ways. The field facing the office, is a large advantage for this young ambitious company, as it aids their need to test the robots in real life conditions. The spacious office, allows for the company to improve its structure, by designating different areas to assembly and electronics.

The importance of team work at Fox Robotics is crucial, as everyone works together, to ensure the robot and the application works together seamlessly as one. Team work and constant communication ensures that challenges are overcome and problems are avoided as much as possible. 


April 2022

Several Henley Business Angels have invested into Fox Robotics, as they believe in the business, the people and the technology. 

All of the Angels who invested into Fox Robotics are also repeat investors. Some are also active members and board advisors. 

Jurek Sikorski, Founder and Director of HBA, was similarly positive, adding:  “Fox Robotics had attracted considerable interest from members and guests of Henley Business Angels. Seeing the robot at work and how it can save time and money, as well as collect valuable data, was very persuasive. We expect Fox Robotics to make significant inroads into a growing market at a time when labour shortages are a serious issue.”

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Grant awards

January 2021

New Anglia Enterprise Partnership 

A mobile robot which promises to revolutionise the harvesting of fruit and other produce is being developed with the support of funding from New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership.

The Hugo RT will be capable of operating outdoors and negotiating rough terrain to support fruit pickers and farmers. Allowing harvesting to continue uninterrupted by journeys to and from the field.

Fox Robotics, based at Innovation Martlesham, near Ipswich, is behind the pioneering project which has been awarded a grant of £25,000 from the Eastern Agri-Tech Research, Development and Prototyping Fund.

Transporting fruit during harvesting is carried out manually and is time-consuming and labour-intensive. Loss of productivity can be as high as 15% to 20% and labour shortages in the sector will only increase the pressures being faced by businesses.

A prototype was developed by Fox Robotics in 2018 that could transport 200kg between destinations and agricultural businesses responded enthusiastically when it was showcased by the company. The Hugo 250 already supports logistics work in areas such as manufacturing, warehouses and 3PLs (third-party logistics).

Now the company, which started four years ago, is working on new robotics technology which can transport produce from a field or polytunnel and deliver empty collection trays without the picking being disrupted.

Alejandra Acevedo, marketing manager for Fox Robotics, said the new robot was being designed to assist farming in the UK and anywhere else that face these challenges, in during the picking operations.

“It will be able to automate one of the oldest industries in the world. Without high costs, and our technology has taken into account the challenges farms face and come up with a solution to improve sales and benefit employees,” she said.

“The R&D grant from the LEP will enable us to carry on working on this technology so we can help to provide food for the nation and ensure we provide employment for more people in all fields.

“We are grateful to been given the grant and that others see the bright future of our technology. We are not only passionate about robotics and AI. We are passionate about the future of agriculture.”

Mike Burrows, New Anglia LEP’s representative on the Agri-Tech Programme Board, said: “Automated solutions have been aimed at picking, but the technology is slow and generally less efficient than teams of skilled pickers. This robotic device will instead address the time lost transporting the produce to the warehouse or distribution centre, addressing a clear gap in the market and driving up productivity.

“I am delighted that Fox Robotics will be using the grant to adapt its exiting model into a more specialist piece of machinery that has the potential to transform the harvesting of food, not just in the UK, but globally.”


July 2020

Innovation Martlesham Podcast

Location: Online

Fox Robotics had the opportunity  to take part of Innovation Martlesham’s podcast series with its Director, Nicky Daniels. The origins of Fox Robotics were discussed, as well as the current plans, ideals and thoughts for the future. 

“In this podcast Nicky talks with Eric Warner, Chairman of Fox Robotics Limited – a British robotics company that has developed robots, not to replace people, but to support them by eliminating routine tasks, such as transporting goods and material around the business.

Nicky asks Eric to explain what inspired Henry Acevedo, Founder and CEO, to set up the company in 2017 and what makes the robots, known as Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), distinctive and secure from cyber-attacks.  Nicky picks up on the diversity of use and Eric is pleased to outline the company’s next steps into the agricultural sector.

In the final part of the conversation Eric tells Nicky about the company’s expansion plans and highlights the capabilities for moving towards areas such as manufacturing plants, hospitals, hotels and perhaps aerospace and the military – and over a wider geographic spread”

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November 2019

Premium conference 

Location: Bristol

Bot-Talks was a premium conference and networking event based in Bristol. Bot-Talks was aimed to help provide SMEs with a best-in-class overview of robotics and automation with presentations from leading industry experts, a world-leading panel discussion and a networking hall filled with exciting robot demonstrations, all in the heart of Bristol City Centre.

Fox Robotics took part in this event as experts in robotics and automation. Attending from Fox Robotics: Henry Acevedo, Ben Butlin, Eric Warner, James Stedman and James Horn. This event allowed Fox Robotics to share with other industries in robotics information about their ideas and projections.


October 2019

EXPO at Innovation Martlesham 

Location: Adastral Park

Fox Robotics was invited by Innovation Martlesham to present their Robot at the  annual EXPO of all the start up businesses in the IM incubator.  This event, attended by senior management of BT plc as well as  employees interested in robotics and automation.  The event was attended by Henry Acevedo, Founder, CEO & CTO; Ben Butlin Operations Director, and Eric Warner, Chairman.

The EXPO at Adastral Park enabled many of the companies within Innovation Martlesham (IM) to showcase technologies such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Networks, Operational Transformation, Customer Experience & Cyber Defence and were able to give an indication on potential solutions that may support many of BT and other organisations’ ongoing technical strategies.

Howard Watson, CEO of Technology said “Innovation Martlesham is home to an important set of our IT partners. And partners are going to be crucial for BT going forward

“It’s great to showcase how innovative our technology ecosystem is on site and how pivotal the cluster is to the region”- Lisa Perkins, Adastral Park & Research Realisation Director,

Nicky Daniels, Head of Innovation Martlesham, is delighted with the success of event. “With a range of technologies, companies and people – Innovation Martlesham is the go to destination for all sorts of tech solutions to business challenges


July 2019


Recently the Economic Development Team at Surrey Heath Borough Council, has supported Fox Robotics a high-tech start-up company that began in 2017 by Henry Acevedo, CEO & CTO, in his Camberley home. His passion for robotics and desire to become an entrepreneur has led to a vision of providing autonomous robots. SHBC completed a short term let into The Square to give the company more space to enable them to test their concepts properly.

Sam Marshall, Economic Development Officer said: “Surrey Heath Borough Council are proud to give support, where possible, to businesses to help them grow and succeed within the Borough. Henry and his team are a brilliant example of the entrepreneurial spirit that makes Surrey Heath such an exciting place to do business.”

Alejandra Acevedo, Marketing Manager and Business Development at Fox Robotics, said: “Fox Robotics integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning, user-friendly and easy to program. Our solutions will help to strengthen the bond between man and robot to create a better future in agriculture, horticulture, husbandry and agronomy.

Fox Robotics has been supported by the Economic Development Team at Surrey Heath Borough Council. This has been key for Fox Robotics’ growth as they have been provided with the opportunity to move to a commercial unit. The council has been very supportive and encouraging of this rapidly growing company that will be able to employ the community and individuals around the U.K.”


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