Berlin, Germany 2024

Fox Robotics, a pioneer in autonomous agricultural solutions, attended the prestigious FRUIT LOGISTICA 2024, held from February 7th to 9th in Berlin. The event, renowned as the foremost trade fair and a global hub for the fruit and vegetable industry, attracted over 3,200 exhibitors and participants from more than 88 countries. Fruit Logistica offered a prime platform for Fox Robotics to delve into the international landscape and explore expansion opportunities, particularly in the European market.

Cutting through the vibrant atmosphere and diverse array of exhibitors, Fox Robotics identified a notable gap in the market – the absence of autonomous robots specialising in transportation and logistics tasks within agricultural fields. This observation underscores the significant opportunity for Fox Robotics to introduce its cutting-edge technology and maintain its competitive advantage not only in the UK but also across Europe.

“Attending Fruit Logistica has been an enlightening and encouraging experience for us,” stated Alejandra Acevedo, Business Analyst, at Fox Robotics. “We anticipated witnessing a greater presence of autonomous solutions catering to field logistics, especially considering the growing emphasis on automation within the agricultural sector. Our observation highlights the immense potential for Fox Robotics to address this unmet need in the European market.”

The absence of autonomous solutions tailored for outdoor logistics tasks presents Fox Robotics with a strategic advantage as it continues to innovate and expand. With high interest in the UK, for the Hugo RT™ autonomous all-terrain robot, Fox Robotics is well-positioned to leverage its expertise and penetrate the European market.

“Fruit Logistica has reinforced our commitment to advancing agricultural automation and revolutionising the way tasks are performed within the industry,” remarked Alejandra. “We are dedicated to further enhancing our technology to meet the evolving needs of farmers worldwide, and we are excited about the prospect of bringing our innovative solutions to the European market.”

As Fox Robotics explores new avenues for growth and collaboration, Fruit Logistica serves as a catalyst for fostering partnerships, exchanging knowledge, and driving innovation within the global fruit and vegetable trade. With a firm focus on automation and robotics, Fox Robotics will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of agriculture, both in the UK and across Europe.