Fox Robotics is developing an autonomous logistics and data collection robot for farmers. The hardware and software solution improves fruit and vegetable yields dramatically, reduces waste caused by labour shortages and pays back the farm’s investment quickly. In addition, the robot is run with rechargeable batteries, helping farmers reach their carbon-neutral goals.

One of the UK’s largest blueberry farms is currently taking part in our paid pilot programme. Paul said: “We like the agritech space but had struggled to find anything we liked enough to consider for investment. Finally, we found Fox Robotics, leading this round to provide funds to further develop the autonomous technology during the course of real-world trials this year. Fox Robotics is very clever tech solving a major and expanding problem on fruit farms, and we’re delighted to be on board.”

Small Business’ interview with Founder and CEO of Fox Robotics, highlighted the problem that many UK and global farms are facing and the idea behind HUGO RT.